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Cloude's facial bar gently cleanses and eliminates impurities, giving skin a radiant and refreshed look. A blend of natural and herbal extracts provide gentle, yet effective, cleansing action to help clear pores, smooth and moisturize complexion with a fresh aroma of Juniper. The result is skin that looks healthy and refreshed.

How to use : Rub your solid cleanser between your hand or directly on wet face. Gently massage and rinse. Follow with Omega glow face oil.

*Facial bar pairs well with Purifying cleanser as a double cleanse for oily/combination skin types.*  Allow soap to fully dry after each use.


Shea butter, coconut oil, Spirulina, Sage & Juniper essential oil.

4.5 oz.


Please note that many of our products, especially our body butters are made with oils and butters that will melt in high temperatures - please keep this in mind when ordering.  We do our best to carefully package items but have no control over the order once it leaves our studio, packages can be subject to high temps during shipping and transit, hot shipping trucks, porches in direct sunlight, etc.  Because of this, we cannot not offer refunds for melted products that are shipped in the summer months. While melting has no effect on the efficacy and benefits of the product, it can cause the whipped body butter to 'deflate” and the jar to appear partially full.